Contract Staffing Services in Noida

When a company is looking for flexibility in their work to fill an individual or combine roles of work, they usually connect with contract staffing, recruitment companies or a company who help them in sharing their work load in terms of managing the processes. 
Support Star analyze the requirement of the company and give them solution, space and freedom to focus on their core business. 
The recruitment processes regulate their manpower needs, and payroll processes standardizes and help in error free salary processing. 
The recruiting process find the suitable and qualified candidates and post selection hired them as a contract employees who will be hired on 6 months or 1 year renewable contract to manage the particular or short term processes on the specific salary.
The candidate will be placed on client site and they will be on the rolls of Support Star. 
This is three way relationship: * Company share the requirement and make agreement with Support Staff , * Support Star understand the requirement and provide the candidate, * post selection take the employee on Support Star’s rolls and process the salary along with all the statutory compliance and TDS liabilities.

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