Staffing & Payroll


Support Star’s staffing and payroll expert team believes that not only maintaining payroll is important, but regular analysis of those payroll records is equally important. A payroll entails the record of employees’ wages, number of hours worked, bonuses, commission, health during work, insurance/pension plans, sick pay, leaves, etc.

Let us handle your payroll worries! We offer Compressive payroll solutions which will suit your company size and industry type. Along with that, we will make sure that your company is in line with all Hr compliances. Right from data-entry of records and identifying payroll deficiencies and sending regular reports, we take care of it all.

The aim of our staffing and payroll team is always to minimize the risks and costs associated with payroll and increasing company efficiency, accuracy and compliance standards. Transfer your administrative burden to us.

Our Staffing and Payroll services include:

Timing Attendance
Payroll Processing
Reporting and Pay slips
Analyzing past and present payroll records
Overseeing Payroll tax and other law compliance


Our payroll management methodology is strictly a data-driven and delivery based model. Control costs, improve performance and smoothen process with us!