CXO Hiring

CXO Hiring

As they say, organizations take on the personality of their top leaders. Great leaders are extremely important for a company’s future. They can make or break an organization’s foundation. ‘CXO’ includes top level executive positions, which have “chief” in their job titles, like Chief-Executive-Officer, Chief-Financial-Officer, etc. People in these positions have a major impact on company’s success.

Support Star’s especially dedicated team of CXO Hiring experts, help you hire cherry-picked talent for these critical positions. Given limited time and exposure, you may miss on some good candidates, but nothing gets missed from our beady-eyed scrutinizers. They have been recruiting for CXO positions from seven years and not once have they missed on picking the right choice.

For our experts, matching your JD is as necessary as gagging adaptability of a person towards your work culture. When hiring for C-level or VP positions, both technical expertise and a right cultural match are important. We use specially designed and personalized procedure for CXO hiring. We take up this momentous task and give you a candidate larger than your limited JD.

Support Star CXO Hiring Methodology

Identify and Understand Requirements- At initial stage, we conduct business consultation with the company, understand their needs and identify the gaps. Support star CXO hiring team also cognizes company’s hierarchy, system, structure and challenges.


Source and Attract- On the basis of discussion, our expert team then prepares an appropriate JD and source the right candidates from all the medium.

Appraise and Share- Our hiring experts now assess and share the profiles of finest and ‘ready-to-join’ candidates with the company. Their profiles are discussed upon and after validation of one’s suitability; they are interviewed by a expert panel

Review and Recommend- At this stage, candidate’s performances are individually reviewed and comments/recommendations are given by our CXO hiring experts.

Select and Follow-up- Finally, key candidates are chosen to head key business functions and salary and other benefits are discussed with the candidate. Our CXO hiring experts do not leave the candidate or the company after selection; we conduct regular follow-ups to assess the efficacy of our recruitment process.